Coming soon: Each group listed below will have a link to information about that group. Included will be a brief description of their focus, people, and research items. This page is still under construction.

RWG1: Theory of large scale networks and graphs (led by Kobourov and Glickenstein)

RWG2: Theory of data visualization and interpretation (led by Schiedegger and Glickenstein)

RWG3: Theoretical research for imaging sciences (led by Barnard and Zhang)

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-RWG4: Statistical modeling for natural language processing (led by Surdeanu and Watkins)

RWG5: Theoretical analysis for optimization (led by Brio and Fan)

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RWG6: Analyzing large-scale point-set data (led by Kececioglu and Hao)

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RWG7: Bayesian methods for big data (led by Barnard and Piegorsch)

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RWG8: Theory for time-dependent data analysis (led by Efrat and Sethuraman)